About Conforma Clad

Conforma Clad is a leading provider of severe wear solutions to high performance industrial customers around the world. Our customers value long-lasting parts, consistent quality and process controls, and minimizing downtime to increase productivity and lower costs.

Our unique brazed tungsten carbide cladding combines durability with extended wear life. The metallurgical bond created between the braze alloy and steel substrate and tungsten carbide particles ensures durable wear protection, while the high tungsten carbide content of the cladding significantly prolongs component life.

Compared to other wear protection materials, Conforma Clad provides premium wear protection with less added weight and cross-section loss. The uniform consistency of our cladding allows for reliable wear life extrapolation based on wear measurements.

Customers experience increased productivity and cost savings when critical parts, that wear in weeks or months, are replaced with a Conforma Clad part that lasts up to 15 times longer. There are instances where our cladding shows no measurable wear, even after years of use.

Inside our 110,000 sq ft production facility, we offer complete wear solution services, including on-site wear diagnostics, tailored solution engineering, in-house fabrication, as well as installation and wear monitoring support.

Since our facility is located less than 20 miles from the UPS Worldport hub in Louisville, Kentucky, many customers stock finished inventory of standard products with us. Parts can be delivered anywhere in the US the next day, and in most cases, worldwide within 72 hours.

Conforma Clad staff include engineers, technologists and production team members, who routinely develop custom solutions to unique wear problems. 

The table below includes some primary markets served by Conforma Clad, along with popular applications and competitive advantages.

Market Application(s) Conforma Clad Advantage
Oil & Gas Drilling Radial Bearings, Downhole Tools, Surface Equipment Drill longer and faster, lower cost-per-foot drilled
Power Generation Fans, Boiler Components, Pulverizers, Conveyance Equipment Longer cycles between outages, lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime, higher revenue generation
Plastics Compounding Extrusion Twin-Screw Extruder Barrels Maintain tight tolerances even with aggressive resins, increased throughput, lower the cost-per-pound
Petfood Extrusion Twin-Screw Extruder Barrels, Single-Screw Extruder Barrels, Screw Segments, Ancillary Equipment, Dies Maintain tight tolerances even with aggressive ingredients, consistent quality, increased throughput, lower cost-per-pound
Aquafeed Extrusion Single-Screw Extruder Barrels, Screw Segments, Ancillary Equipment, Dies Consistent quality and pellet density, high throughput
Pulp & Paper Pumps, Conveyance, Fans Lower cost, reliable power
General Industrial - including Chemical & Mineral Processing, Steel Processing, Mining & Construction, etc. Pumps, Screws, Conveyance, Debarker tips, Wear plates, Elbows, Shear Bars Increase productivity, reduced downtime