Conforma Clad has a long history of extending the life of critical components for the Petrochemical industry.  Delayed Cokers, FCC units and ethylene producers have all taken advantage of the benefits our range of materials offer to solve corrosion and erosion issues.  Conforma Clad offers both Stellite and Tungsten Carbide cladding to suit the particular application.  


Protect your conveyance lines with Stellite or Tungsten Carbide to solve corrosion, erosion or abrasion wear problems.  Our metallurgically bonded cladding is compatible with a wide range of substrates and can be applied in very small inside diameters or unreachable areas.  


  • Delayed Coker Return Bends
  • Catalyst Withdrawl Lines
  • Elbows, Piping

Find out more about how our UltraFlex cladding process can protect your critical conveyance components from wear.

Range of Cladding Materials

Cladding Materials

We are able to apply a range of material grades from Stellite to Tungsten Carbide, in a range of thicknesses, to solve your particular wear problem.

Protect Unreachable Areas

We can use a number of cladding processes to protect your conveyance piping and elbows depending on the size and shape of the components.  Inside diameters less than 1" can be cladded along with most complex inner/outer geometries.

High Surface Quality

Our UltraFlex cladding technology offers an extremely smooth "as applied" surface relative to other protection methods like weld overlay.  Certain cladding/substrate combinations can be applied crack-free, prohibiting corrosive fluids from reaching the substrate.

Uniform & Dense Cladding Protection

Conforma Clad solutions offer extreme wear resistance due to the densely packed tungsten carbide particles in our finished claddings.  Stellite claddings are completely uniform giving you "pure" protection with either material and linear, predictable wear through the whole cladding.  

• No loss of performance due to large dilution layer like with weld overlay.

Metallurgical Bond

Metallurgical bond ensures our cladding will not flake or spall off even under extreme conditions.


Conforma Clad can prolong the life of your thermowells in high temperature, abrasive and erosive situations.  Our solutions are best suited to the most challenging environments where other materials may be limited.


Extend the life of your pump components in high-temperature, erosive, abrasive and heavy catalyst mediums.

  • FCC Bottoms
  • Hot Oil
  • Clarifier
  • Catalyst-entrained medium
  • Casings, Impellers, Back
  • Plates
  • Wear Sleeves
  • Ability to protect all wetted areas
  • API and ANSI Pumps 

Conforma Clad has helped operators extend the life of their pump components up to 5x.