Proven Solutions

Case Study

The Problem:

A U.S. Gulf Coast refinery was experiencing accelerated internal wear of FCCU cycle oil pumps, often requiring entire case replacements. Pump life was limited to 8–12 months using  a tungsten carbide HVOF coating.

Solutions Evaluated:

  • Thermal Spray Coatings
  • Weld Overlays
  • Boron Diffusion
  • Conforma Clad™

Thermal spray coatings and weld overlays did not allow full protection of all pump surfaces and were limited to line-of-sight application. Thermal sprays were also limited in terms of bond strength. Boron diffusion coatings, are, by nature, quite thin and prone to puncture by large abrasive particles.

The Conforma Clad infiltration brazed tungsten carbide cladding solved many of these issues by combining a true metallurgical bond with a dense, uniform distribution of tungsten carbide particles that can be applied to all wetted pump surfaces.


After 13 months in service, the pump with Conforma Clad protection showed no significant signs of internal erosion. The life of the pump was projected to be 3–4 years and   put back in service.