Our uniform, metallugically-bonded cladding provides exceptional performance while compounding highly filled polymers such as glass fibers, calcium carbonate, etc. While competitive materials can only provide protection from one mode of wear, our unique combination of tungsten and cobalt based alloys offer extended wear life in both abrasive and corrosive environments.

In addition to our new, totally fabricated and cladded components, we also offer inspection and refurbishing services for extruder barrels and barrel liners.

Screw elements are an essential part of barrel function.  Maintaining screw-to-barrel clearance ensures consistent extruder temperatures, performance, shear rates, and output quality.

Conforma Clad screws: 

• Withstand the extreme environments of the plastics industry.
• Boast excellent heat transfer for better process control.
• We have the ability to manufacture all makes and sizes of     barrels/liners.
• Are created through one-piece construction resulting in optimal heat     transference with no chance of sleeve slipping or apex collapse.

Our cloth delivery system enables densely packed tungsten carbide to be uniformly applied to complex geometries, providing a protective barrier that wears at a uniform and predictable rate.

Applications Include:

  • Replacement of co-rotating twin screw barrels and liners for major OEMs. 
  • Segmented screw elements upon request.
  • Wear protection for pneumatic conveying equipment (piping, sweeps, rotary airlocks).

Kennametal's unique technology basis is a cloth delivery system, enabling us to apply a uniform combination of Tungsten and Cobalt based materials. Our cladding offers long-term reliability and consistency on process equipment used on co-rotating twin screw extruders.

Extruder barrels are a critical component in the plastics industry, and Kennametal specializes in protecting them. Contact one of our experts to learn how we can dramatically extend your equipment life.

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