Power Generation

Conforma Clad has been solving abrasion and erosion wear problems at Coal Fired Power Plants for over 20 years.  Our cladding technology has been proven to significantly extend the life of critical components such as Fans, Burners and Boiler Tubes, lowering maintenance costs, improving efficiencies and increasing overall reliability.

1/16" of Conforma Clad wear protection performs 15x better against erosive wear than an equivalent layer of typical overlays and 50x better than plain carbon steel. And it is up to 25x more erosion resistant than high-temperature stainless steels.

Fans and Fan Liners

Fan failures in coal fired power plants triggered by high-velocity ash impingement can occur in many areas, including leading and trailing edges, centerplate weldment areas and fan inlet hubs.  These failures often result in reduced gas flow and fan efficiency, sudden fan imbalance and the catastrophic detachment of blades.

Conforma Clad infiltration brazed tungsten carbide cladding has helped dozens of operators increase their fan run-times by more than four times.

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Boiler Tubes and Shields

Kennametal can help you reduce the risk of boiler tube leaks by protecting your replacement boiler tube segments from severe wear.  Our cladding withstands the extremes of thermal shock, erosion, abrasion, corrosion, and impact.  We have many years of experience helping operators improve the reliability of their boilers - let our team of experts help you develop a solution that works for you.

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Burner Components

In a coal fired power plant, burner nozzle tips help to control combustion by directing the flow of fuel into the firing chamber and face severe erosion.  

Conforma Clad has many years of experience cladding burner tips and protecting these critical component from erosive wear.  Decreased wear leads to better NOx  performance, leaving your with more credits for sale.

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Conforma Clad uses its UltraFlex process to clad screens with a tungsten carbide coating that substantially improves the life of popcorn screens in coal fired power plants.  Screen capabilities include screens up to 4' x 12' (longer lengths may be possible), with screen openings 1/4" and larger (screen opening size may need to be adjusted to accommodate coating thickness).

Extend the life of SCR popcorn screens 5–8x longer than stainless steel.

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