Burner Components

In a coal fired power plant, burner nozzle tips help to control combustion by directing the flow of fuel into the firing chamber and face severe erosion.  

Conforma Clad has many years of experience cladding burner tips and protecting these critical component from erosive wear.  Decreased wear leads to better NOx  performance, leaving your with more credits for sale.

Find out how Raichur Thermal Power Station improved the life of their Burner Tips.

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Coal spreaders are essential components in distributing pulverized coal to the burner flame and are designed to enhance combustion by controlling the flame length and minimizing NOx and Unburned Carbon (UBC). In order to maintain critical geometries and coal distribution patterns, the coal spreader vanes are protected with Kennametal’s tungsten carbide cladding.

Find out how Wisconsin Electric and Dynegy Power Corporation used Conforma Clad to increase the service life of their burner components.

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Erosion Resistance

Riley Power conducted laboratory testing, following ASTM G73 standards, on low swirl coal spreaders to determine the best erosion protection from fine-grit black beauty coal slag. Testing was conducted at a 90 degree impingement angle with a particle velocity of 240 ft/sec for 30 minutes. 

Kennametal's WC 219 cladding provided top wear protection while retaining critical component geometries. Kennametal increased Riley Power's low swirl coal spreader life from 1-2 years to 3-4 years.

Slag Erosion Tes