Fans and Fan Liners

Fan Blades with Conforma Clad offer…

  • Superior Weight-to-Erosion Resistance Ratio
    It would take an inch of chrome carbide weld overlay or three inches of plain carbon steel to equal the erosion resistance provided by 1/16" (1.5mm) of Kennametal's Conforma Clad cladding.
  • Resists Chipping and Spalling
    Improve fan efficiency, reduce costly downtime and avoid catastrophic blade detachment.
  • Protect Your Entire Fan
    Protect the leading and trailing edges, centerplate weldment areas and fan inlet hubs.

See the difference Between Conforma Clad and Other Wear Protection Methods Below

Fly Ash Erosion Test and Resistance

Kennametal's Conforma Clad tungsten carbide cladding provides unmatched resistance against abrasion, impact, erosion and corrosion. Other types of protection may guard against one form of wear, but only Conforma Clad protects fan components from multiple modes of wear. Our cladding's high metallurgical bond strength, combined with its ability to withstand continuous operation at elevated temperatures, makes Conforma Clad the premium wear protection for fan applications. 

EPRI conducted laboratory testing on power boiler fan blades to determine the best erosion protection from highvelocity bituminous coal fly ash. Testing was conducted at a 40 degree impingement angle with a particle velocity of 550 ft/sec for 30 minutes. Conforma Clad WC 210 cladding provided top wear protection while retaining critical component geometries.