Conforma Clad offers a full range of solutions for all types of extreme wear. From wear assessment to solution design and installation support, we address your unique wear needs and create a customized solution.

A unique proprietary process is utilized to reduce severe wear, which can occur across many different industries. Our wear expertise and comprehensive production capabilities enable customers to improve productivity, profitability, and quality; making them more competitive.

Behind each sales specialist is a team of metallurgical and materials engineers, application engineers, along with a complete production staff, ready to perform any or all of the following:

  • Analyze and engineer solutions for specific wear problems
  • Help customers understand how wear reduction can improve productivity
  • Clad and finish customer supplied parts 
  • Fully fabricate, finish, and deliver complete parts
  • Inspect and refurbish used parts
  • Provide field support for installation and wear monitoring
  • Offer ongoing technical support to develop new wear solutions.

Our goal is to keep your production processes and equipment up and running, so you can avoid costly downtime and repairs. We specialize in identifying the causes of wear, and then determine the most effective cladding applications against your failure modes.