Custom Solutions

Our wear experts understand destructive industrial forces, and routinely solve coating problems due to three main wear issues: abrasion, erosion and corrosion.

With computer-assisted, on-site measurement and design capabilities, our experienced engineers work with you to identify the best solution for your severe wear – and provide cost efficient solutions.

As an industry leader, Kennametal Conforma Clad strives to constantly enhance technologies to offer the best combination of wear resistant characteristics. What makes Conforma Clad different from the competition is the combination of unique solutions that address multiple modes of wear.

Wear Diagnosis

In most cases, our engineers come on-site to assess and evaluate applications. A visit often provides the most accurate wear analysis and measurement. 

Engineering Drawings (3D/2D, CAD/CAM)

Ideally, a drawing is provided, so we can prepare a detailed quotation, including scope of work, price and delivery information.

If a drawing is not available, our in-house computer-assisted design and reverse engineering capabilities, including digital component measuring equipment, allows us to create required documentation to quote your components.

Solution Design

Once the evaluation is complete, appropriate cladding formulation, braze alloy, and the complete manufacturing process for each application is identified.

New technology, processes and materials are continuously developed in our state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure our cladding solutions produce optimal wear reduction in your specific application. 

On-Site Measurement

After installation, our engineers visit to measure cladding thickness. Follow-up visits validate cladding life and ensure performance goals are achieved.