Our barrel inspection and refurbishment program includes cleaning and identifying the barrel, dimensional measurements, inspection, and pressure and flow testing. Repairs are recommended to restore your barrel to a like-new condition.

We offer a simple and cost-effective process with a variety of options:
  • free inspection
  • direct-clad refurbishment
  • Initial sleeving and re-sleeving
Free Inspection:

When sending for inspection, please provide a copy of MSDS for each barrel. Once we recieve your worn barrels, an inspection will be performed and refurbishing services will be recommended.

For typical barrel quantities you will recieve your inspection report and recommendations in approximately two weeks. 


Our sleeve provides added ductility, virtually eliminating failures associated with rigid liners including weld separation for the collapse of sleeves

Kennametal Conforma Clad provides wear-resistant replacement barrels and liners for most extruder systems.

Replacement Components for OEM Extruders: 

  • Berstorff
  • Clextral S.A.
  • Coperion Corporation (W&P)
  • Davis Standard Corporation
  • Entek 
  • Leistritz Corporation
  • Theysohn
  • Toshiba