UltraFlex Cladding Process

UltraFlex, a wear-resistant surface treatment from Kennametal, brings industry-leading performance to components with complex geometries for power generation, oil and gas, and many other industries. UltraFlex is a proven product for extending component life and increasing productivity. The Kennametal UltraFlex treatment is available in a broad array of materials, ensuring the optimum solution for your application’s wear environment.

The UltraFlex Process



1) Slurry Preparation - The UltraFlex coating of your choice is prepared in slurry form.  The slurry process is tightly controlled to ensure consistent properties.



2) Coating - The slurry is applied to your part using proprietary flow-coating methods, leaving an even "green" coating on the features requiring protection.


3) Fusing - The green coating is fused to the substrate in a vacuum furnace, creating a dense, uniform and metallurgically bonded coating.