UltraFlex Cladding Properties

UltraFlex Material Options

We offer a range of Ultraflex coatings to ensure that your specific wear problems are addressed.  Corrosion, Severe Abrasion and high heat environments can all be managed through selection of appropriate Ultraflex materials.  Our in-house technical team has many years of experience helping our customers select the most appropriate solution for their particular needs.

Material Options Chart

Substrate Compatibility

Ultraflex can be applied to a wide range of substrates giving you the flexibility you need to protect all your critical components.


Substrate Compatibility Chart

Non-Line-of-Sight & Complex Geometries

We are able to coat complex geometries, small inner diameters and other non-line-of-sight feature, which are often difficult to protect with traditional methods like hard facing.

Thickness and Surface Quality


The UltraFlex surface treatment can be applied in a range of thicknesses, depending on the application, coating material selected, and substrate geometry.  The base thickness is approximately 0,25mm (0.010"), while typical applications range from 0,51–0,76mm (0.020–0.030") or more to accommodate your specific needs.

The “as applied” surface is extremely smooth — especially compared to weld overlay. Depending on the application, the coating can be used “as applied” or machined to the desired finish. For example, with the right substrate/coating combination, in some petrochemical applications, UltraFlex alloy formulations allow for “pigging” of conveyance lines due to the smooth, crack-free surface.

Metallurgical Bond

In comparison to traditional welding, the UltraFlex process metallurgically bonds the wear system directly to the substrate while minimizing the dilution zone.  All Kennametal UltraFlex coatings exhibit this metallurgical bond.  This means you get a coating that will not disbond or spall.

UltraFlex coatings have a very small dilution zone (as small as 0.001"), especially compared to weld overlays. This means you get a pure coating that is uniform with consistent properties through its entire thickness.

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